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Peridontology refers to the study of the preservaton of the periodontal apparatus - which holds the tooth in place - and gum. If these become inflamed it can lead to parodontitis, gingivitis, and periimplantitis. If these don't get treated they can lead to the loss of teeth and bone. Periodontal treatment is not as invasive as its reputation and has a very good chance of success.

Dental Implants

For more than 50 years now, teeth have been replaced by dental implants; these are artificial dental roots, mostly made of titanium. Through his advanced training specialization in dental implants and his degree as a Master of Dental Implants / Oral Surgery, Dr. Gerlach has extensive experience in this field since 1995.


Nutrition, environment, or illness all can lead to the loss of some or all teeth. Nowadays this does not have to lead to a loss of quality of life. We have the technology to replace lost teeth and can return lost ability, your quality of life, and your smile.


A person's impression is strongly impacted by perfect, healthy teeth. This depends on the maintenance of your teeth: at least once a year you should treat yourself to a professional cleaning. This is further required for any restorative work, parodontosis treatment, or bleaching.


The wish for beautiful, white teeth is as old as mankind itself. Thanks to modern technology we are now able to fulfill this wish. Whether it is dental caps, veneers, partial or full prosthetics, you can count on us. Our close collaboration between our dental office and our dental laboratory guarantees a perfect result every time.

Modern Technology

From an iPad for kids in the waiting room, to laser treatment of gum inflammation, up to automatic text message reminders for your next appointment — our office is ultra modern and completely state of the art!